KOSOVO Summer Tour 2 000 COUNTDOWN!

159th Med Co (AA), Camp Bondsteel Kosovo, Camp Able Sentry Macedonia, DUSTOFF EUROPE!

I've received a lot of calls demanding a web page update...


So here it is...

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Daily Life in Dustoff Kosovo

I'm a Chicken Hawk, and you're a Chicken!

SSG Quinn clucks around operations...



3 crewmembers look on while SGT Longacre takes a nap in the APU compartment


An intense moment of instruction from CW3 Scheller as crewmembers fight to stay awake


CW2 Hayward's personal bedroom suite...what a lucky guy!


PV2 Willard becomes PFC Willard


Do the Dew!

CW2 Sheppard, WO1 Bevelander, and SSG LaClair enjoy a refreshng

Mountain Dew while standing on the Serbian/Kosavar border


SSG LaClair, SPC Spears, and WO1 Bevelander at Checkpoint Apacolypse.

Look closely at the barrel..."Commie Killer!"


SSG LaClair is the king of the world at the border checkpoint


No wonder it takes so long to fly anywhere!


Aerial view of our own Gilligan's Island


An unplanned landing sight somewhere in Macedonia...

Looks like a job for the Crash Test Dummies...


Jodi Pritchard, Jessica Draus, and Deborah Venner (a.k.a. the Crash Test Dummies)

of the Air Force's Mobile Air Staging Facility at Camp Able Sentry, Macedonia


CPT Almquist diligently works at his hooch office:

note the super soaker hiding under the desk...


SPC Suther burnt out after waking up and going to breakfast:

We do more by 9 a.m. than most people do all day...then we go back to sleep!


The sun setting over the flight line at Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo


By the way, can't think of the song? It's "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash, the Man in Black